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We Help You Connect Your Brand
to Your Customers

Calign, Inc.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Everything We Do Is Focused On Amassing Empathetic Customer Understanding.

Market Research

We tap into a mixed selection of methodologies and techniques to uncover human behaviors.  Our research is designed to discover the triggers than influence behavior and generate tangible results.

  • Customer Experience
  • Patient Journey
  • Benefit Laddering
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Message Development & Impact

Strategic Marketing

The business planning cycle is one of the most exciting and demanding projects we do. Our approach is a systematic commercialization process rooted in customer behavior.

  • Annual Brand Plan Development
  • Situation Analysis
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Provider and Patient Strategy
  • Access Strategy
  • Congress, Seminar and Publication Strategy

Advanced Analytics

Our approach to analytics turns piles of data into meaningful insights. By harnessing the power of our analytics team, we take this a step further to transform insights into action.

  • ATU Xtracter™ Quantitative Dashboard
  • New Product Forecasting
  • Message Performance Simulator
  • Competitive Modeling
  • Industry Data Analysis

Agile Embedded Team

We’ve had great success embedding team members into client teams to accomplish specific strategic objectives. You get to leverage our experience and institutional knowledge to achieve your business goals.

  • Strategic Director
  • Senior Market Research Manager
  • Commercial Consulting
  • New Product Launch Planner

We deliver true partnership, real solutions, and the ability to flex and pivot in ways others can’t.

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Based in the US, we cover you globally. Our services are used throughout the US, EU, and Asia.


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